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TOTAL is one of the leading exporter of cutting tools in China as drills, end mill, hole saw, taps, burrs, and etc. Our products are as below:


Metal Working:

drill bit, twist drill, DIN drills, HSS drills, Jobber length drills, cobalt drills, carbide drill, center drill, double end drills, taps, taps and die, screw tap, thread tap, screw dies, and etc... ...hole saw, bi-metal hole saw, big cutting depth hole saw, HSS hole saw, HCS hole saw, carbide tipped hole saw, wood hole saw, hole saw kit, and etc... ...end mills, milling cutter, rotary files, rotary burrs, burrs, bur, rotary carbide burs, rotary carbide burrs, carbide burrs, carbide burs, step drill, reamer, countersink drill bit, tool bits, hss tool bit, carbide tipped tool bit and etc... ...


Wood Working:

auger bit, spade bit, hole saw, wood hole saw, hole saw kit, forstner bit, saw blade, diamond saw blade, T.C.T circular saw blade, plug cutter, hole cutter, and etc... ...


Masonry Working:

electric hammer drill, hammer drill bit, masonry drill bit, Chisel, concrete core drill bits, diamond core drill bits and etc... ...

Sets Working:

drill sets, taps and die set, hammer drill set, masonry drill set, hole saw kit, combination drill sets, and etc...

Measure Tools:

vernier caliper, dial caliper, electronic digital caliper, height gauge, depth gauge, thickness gauge, micrometers, dial indicator, measuring tool kits, measuring tapes, and etc...


To supply tools of the highest quality, to support them with the best possible service, and to ensure that every tool offers unbeatable value of money. Those were the simple objectives of TOTAL's founders from 1999, and are the foundation stones of TOTAL's business philosophy.

Quality is the guiding principle for TOTAL's highly experienced development team. Only when their quality is proven and guaranteed are the tools released for sale. But that is not the end of the story. By listening carefully to customer's feedback, continual product enhancements improve not just quality but also performance and ease of use. At the same time, we will guarantee our products for at least one year according to different items. During this one year, you could exchange the products freely. Before we make the replacement, we make a quality report for the defective products . But we must confirm that the products do not be damaged.

TOTAL provides not only tools, but also service. Its focus is on both production of foreign customer's requesting tools, and sourcing the right tools from China they need. Fast response to sample enquiries, rapid order processing and on time delivery ensures that customer's requirement are accurately and consistently satisfied, while this is guaranteed by years exporting experience in the field.


TOTAL TOOLS have a well deserved reputation for offering outstanding value for money. TOTAL's China-wide sourcing capability, together with its in-house design and development facilities further contribute to ensuring that all TOTAL TOOLS set the standard for value.


By the good quality and competitive price, as well as the best service, TOTAL TOOLS have reached to all over the world.

OEM services, demands in large quantity or few pieces and technical communication are all welcome.



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