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Plug Cutter

Self ejecting plug cutters produce tapered plugs that fit snuggly into wood. Quality tempered steel to be used with hard or soft woods. Specially designed cutting edge to prevent "walking". Cut wood plugs from same stock as work piece so that plugs will match. 1/4" shank fits most electric drills and drill presses. This Tapered Plug Cutter is one of many top quality items in our Plug Cutters department.

Designed for clean cutting and hardened for long life. These Plug Cutters do not eject the plugs. The plug remains in the board and can be broken out with a screwdriver or the board can be sawed to free the plug. These tools cut fast and make smooth chamfered plugs for easy starting in counterbored holes.

Four Claw Tapered Plug Cutter

Size Shank Size Art.No.
1/4" 1/4" TT34-0104F 
3/8" 3/8" TT34-0308F 
1/2" 3/8" TT34-0102F 
5/8" 3/8" TT34-0508F 
6mm 6.0mm TT34-6F 
8mm 9.5mm TT34-8F 
10mm 9.5mm TT34-10F 
12mm 9.5mm TT34-12F 
14mm 9.5mm TT34-14F 
16mm 9.5mm TT34-16F 

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